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Gran Turismo HLT


Style meets racing technology

If you’re keen to find a high-tech wheel for your car, without sacrificing sporty looks, elegance and distinction, the Gran Turismo HLT is for you.

The latest wheel to be “penned” by the OZ style center combines the classic OZ cutting-edge technological contents, translating them into a clean yet aggressive design.

Dense with brilliant details, the Gran Turismo HLT alloy wheel boasts thin spokes with cast side-cuts and a slenderized spoke-rim attachment, thanks to undercut technology and the HLT production process, a formula that makes the Gran Turismo HLT a lightweight, streamlined wheel.

But, there’s more: the OZ style center designed a wheel with elongated spokes, creating the appearance of a larger diameter than the actual wheel size. This was accomplished through a modeling process of the central part of the wheel, near the hubcap, where the spokes radiate outward toward the outer lip. The diamond-cut milling of the spoke tips and the outer lip enhance the wheel-tire union, for an added racing touch.

Made with high-precision laser-cut technology able to work at incredibly tiny dimensions, even the markings – like those identifying Italian and international certification – are the object of obsessive attention to detail.

Gran Turismo HLT is available in 19” and 20” diameters for a broad range of applications. The 20” diameter wheels were engineered with flat and concave profiles for staggered fitments.

Gran Turismo HLT is available in Star Graphite + Diamond Lip finish.

Like all OZ alloy wheels, Gran Turismo HLT is TUV and NAD certified.

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Star Graphite Dimond Lip

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  • Star Graphite Dimond LipStar Graphite Dimond Lip





型号 整体
设计 Multi spokes
生产流程 Low Pressure Casting Process + Heat Treatment + HLT
材料 Al Si 7 Mg
偏距范围 18 - 50
宽度范围 8,5 - 11
孔数 5
特殊应用 Audi, Bmw, Mercedes-Benz
配置档案 Flat + Concave



Black carbon fibre hubcap
Lug bolts ball seat
Lug bolts cone seat
Lug nuts
Tuner lug bolts cone seat
Tuner lug nuts cone seat